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ITIN: When to Apply for and Use an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number)

H1b status is a unique work status granted to temporary foreign workers in the US. H1 and ITIN taxes definitely need special consideration. Especially if you want to maximize your deductions, apply for ITIN, plan for permanent resident (green card) or citizenship status in the US, be able to sponsor dependents in the US and start your own consulting or other business in future. Many of our clients have benefitted tremendously from our special services in not only maximizing their tax deductions with ITIN but also having a peace of mind with regards to their H1 and ITIN tax status.


Foreign investors and visitors who owe taxes but are not eligible for a Social Security number may obtain Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers. ITINs have recently been the subject of much scrutiny as a large number of undocumented aliens were able to obtain Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers. The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a tax number issued by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and it is not related to the USCIS or the Social Security Administration. The ITIN is only issued for tax purposes. An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) does not provide the right to work or live in the United States.


ITIN Application Requirements

The IRS issues ITINs to individuals who are not eligible for a Social Security Number. The requirements for obtaining an ITIN are different than other U.S. government applications, depending on the applicant's immigration and tax status. Only non-U.S. citizens can apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. Individuals who already have a valid Social Security Number cannot apply for an ITIN. It is illegal to have both a Social Security Number and an ITIN. Individuals who have a valid Social Security Number should file taxes using their Social Security Number, not use an ITIN.


Benefits of obtaining an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN):

    * Claim additional dependents on your tax return and get a cash refund on your tax return

    * Proof that you have lived and filed taxes in the United States

    * Benefit your immigration case as filing taxes on time is a qualifier for “good moral character” for Immigration purposes

    * Tax returns can be requested by banks and mortgage companies when applying for a loan

    * Filing taxes may help you to apply for residency in the future

    * Filing taxes with an ITIN can help you apply for legal immigration status in future if an Amnesty is offered by the U.S. government


H1B ITIN Application and Tax Solutions

Not every 1040 Tax Return is the same. Especially an H1 B job requires different tax treatment based on the company, client location, dependents, alien resident status, ITIN requirement and more criteria. We provide customized solutions based on your specific H1 visa and ITIN application and guarantee minimal waste of your time and money.


 ITIN Application


H1 Visa Workers may claim dependent tax deductions applying for ITIN

H1, L1 workers may be able to take full deductions for their spouses and dependent family members applying for ITIN. In case dependents do not qualify for a social security number, they may be eligible to apply for an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). ITIN Application is a paper process along with the tax return.

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3 Easy Steps to Apply for ITIN:

1. Collect Tax Documents such as W2, 1099 etc., from your employers. Make copies of passport and US visas for the applicant.

2. File US Tax Return (In most cases form 1040/1040NR). You will have to file paper return, as electronic filing using online Tax Preparation software may not be possible. K&M accounting and Tax Services L.L.C. has IRS Enrolled Agents and qualified tax accountants to help find you maximum tax refund along with your ITIN Application.

3. File ITIN Application for your dependents (such as your spouse and children) using IRS form W7.  You can file the ITIN Application with an IRS Acceptance Agent. K&M Accounting and Tax Services L.L.C. is an IRS Acceptance Agent  for ITIN Application.


Why Choose H1bVisaTaxes for ITIN Application:

· US Owned and Based Accountants: H1bVisaTaxes.com owned by K&M Accounting and Tax Services L.L.C is reputed Accounting and Tax service in Charlotte, North Carolina helping H1 workers file taxes and ITIN Application.

· IRS Acceptance Agent for ITIN Application: We are IRS acceptance agents for ITIN applications and you may check our presence on IRS website: www.irs.gov

· IRS Enrolled Agents and Tax Accountants on our team to help file the correct paperwork for you and your family.

· Maximum Tax Refund legally allowed by IRS, using our Tax Services.

· IRS Audit Representation: Being an IRS Enrolled Agent, we can represent our clients in all 50 states in front of the IRS, in case of an IRS Tax Audit.

· Easy Online Portal for document exchange.

· Excellent Customer Reviews, your satisfaction is guarantee.

Apply for ITIN (IRS W7) with your 1040, 1040NR Tax Return:

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H1B ITIN Customer Review

“We had a great experience with H1bvisataxes.com and their parent company K&M Accounting and Tax Service. They filed my wife and children’s ITIN application along with our Tax Return, they took care of everything including passport and visa copies, notarization for ITIN. They made ITIN a very smooth process, which otherwise takes a long time and a lot of headache. We have recommended their service to all our friends and they have received the same great service” - Panth

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Fees for ITIN (IRS W7) and Tax Return (1040/1040NR)

1. ITIN Application Fees: $50 Per Application

2. Tax Preparation Fees: Starting @ $149 per tax return; Click here for more detail Tax Return Packages


Free Personal ITIN Consultation:

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ITIN Application for US Resident Alien Dependents

Dependents of US Residents (for Tax purposes), not eligible for Social Security Number (SSN) can apply for an ITIN—Individual Tax Identification Number.

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