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Before you file your tax return this year, compare your refund using these free tax calculators and our proprietary system to determine if you qualify for a Bigger Refund.

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This is the refund you will get using most online tax software such as Turbo Tax and generic tax service providers such as HR Block. While these software and services work well for 98% of the US citizens and permanent residents, they do not have the expertise to get H1, L1, OPT and other temporary work visa holders the Bigger Refund.

Qualify for Maximum Tax Refund Guarantee

Take this qualifier test to see if H1bVisaTaxes is right for you. Not everyone may benefit from special IRS tax codes. H1, L1, OPT and other temporary workers can benefit from our Maximum Refund Guarantee under certain circumstances.

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Unlock Tax Savings for H1, L1 OPT visa workers with maximum tax refund




Benefit from our expertise and save thousands in taxes with peace of mind

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Our state of the art online tax document management system and tax organizer allow you to remotely upload all tax information securely and access your tax return and tax refund online.

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We only hire US based Tax Professionals to prepare your Tax Return.

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Did you know H1, L1 consultants may be considered as US resident aliens under the IRS code?


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Gain from our extensive research and expertise in immigration tax matters. Special itemized deductions for temporary workers on H1, L1, OPT work visa. Included with our Premier package.


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98% of our 1st time clients come back the next year. More than 80% refer at least one additional friend or family member.


“Very pleased with the Service! They prepared my taxes for 2 states and got me higher returns where other services I've used in the past failed to. Highly recommend their services. Will come back next year. Thank you for your help!!” - M. Sivyi


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Biggest Tax Refund.

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The founder of H1bvisataxes, Krutika Chheda comes from a family of chartered accountants and is a fourth generation Accountant. Her work and writings are extensively covered by print and television media.

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