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We will provide you support at every point of your Tax Return Filing and even after you have received your Refund.

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K&M Accounting and Tax Services provides personalized services to clients in multiple states and cities. Our current clients are based in following cities and states:

Rounded Rectangle: Rounded Rectangle: Our Corporate Office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina with branch operations in Long Island, New York and San Jose, California. 
We only hire US based Tax Professionals to prepare your Tax Return.

15720 John J Delaney Dr,
Charlotte, NC 28277
Ph: (704) 909 0684

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Did you know H1, L1 consultants may be considered as US resident aliens under the IRS code?


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Gain from our extensive research and expertise in immigration tax matters. Special itemized deductions for temporary workers on H1, L1, OPT work visa. Included with our Premier package.


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98% of our 1st time clients come back the next year. More than 80% refer at least one additional friend or family member.


“Very pleased with the Service! They prepared my taxes for 2 states and got me higher returns where other services I've used in the past failed to. Highly recommend their services. Will come back next year. Thank you for your help!!” - M. Sivyi


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K&M Accounting and Tax Service L.L.C.

Phone: (704) 856 9829;   (704) 909 0684

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Biggest Tax Refund.

H1b visa personal taxes

H1b Visa Taxes

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Corporate Office

15720 John J Delany Dr, # 300

Charlotte, NC 28277

1040 NR1040 NR is owned and managed by K&M Accounting and Tax Services L.L.C., headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

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The founder of H1bvisataxes, Krutika Chheda comes from a family of chartered accountants and is a fourth generation Accountant. Her work and writings are extensively covered by print and television media.

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Atlanta Taxes and Payroll Accounting

Boone Taxes and Accounting

Charlotte Taxes, Accounting and Payroll

Concord Taxes, Payroll and Accounting

Hickory Taxes

New Jersey, NJ

Pennsylvania, PA

Michigan, MI

Texas, TX

California, CA

Rock Hill Taxes, Payroll and Accounting

Fort Mill Taxes, Payroll and Accounting

Mathews Federal and State Taxes

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Connecticut, CT

New York, NY

Virginia, VA


We also have clients in foreign countries expats and inpats—Germany, India, Mexico, Canada

We specialize in H1 B Taxes, L1 Taxes, Resident and Non-Resident alien taxes, OPT Student Taxes, International Assignment and reporting Global taxes