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H1B Visa Tax Challenging Times: New Approaches

H1b visa status is a unique work status granted to temporary foreign workers in the US. H1 visa taxes definitely need special consideration including ITIN applications and form 1040 NR. Especially if you want to maximize your deductions, plan for permanent resident (green card) or citizenship status in the US, be able to sponsor dependents in the US and start your own consulting or other business in future. Many of our clients have benefitted tremendously from our special services in not only maximizing their tax deductions but also having a peace of mind with regards to their H1 visa tax and ITIN status.

H1B Tax Solutions

Not every 1040 Tax Return is the same. Especially an H1 B visa job requires different tax treatment based on the company, client location, dependents, alien resident status and more criteria. We provide customized solutions based on your specific situation and guarantee minimal waste of your time and money.

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Biggest Tax Refund.

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 H1b Visa Tax Services

Get your Biggest Tax Refund - Guaranteed*


· More than 350 Tax deductions, ITIN application, 1040NR

· Personalized service by Expert Tax Accountants

· Safe Guard your Immigration Process

· Get Maximum Refund*

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“I got the biggest tax refund last year. Getting my federal and 2 state 1040NR tax returns filed online using the e-file system was easy…” - M. K. (H1 consultant)


“They did everything they could to help me find itemized deductions ...they will have my and my family’s business for a long time.”  - K. Newton (Independent IT Contractor)

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Do I need H1bTax Service?

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Text Box: Not everyone will benefit from H1b visa tax service. H1 consultants with less than $56,000 Income and filing single with only one state tax return may not receive additional refund. Also you may be able to file your Federal Tax Return for FREE.

Determine if H1b visa taxes can benefit you. 

Compare your Tax Refund >

Maximize your Deductions

Save on Taxes with Confidence

Investments, and Foreign Taxes

Corporations, LLC, Partnerships

Itemize your Deductions

 -  350+ Deductions

 -  Travel, Entertainment

 -  Project Expenses

 -  Multi-State Returns

 -  Claim Dependents

 - 1040 NR

H1,H2,L1 and J visa holders save on taxes with additional deductions for non-immigrant workers.

Starting @ $149



We provide Audit Support in case you get a query from the IRS about your Tax Return.

 - Maximum Refund  Guaranteed*

 - ITIN Application

 - Peace of Mind

If you plan to stay in the US long term with Green Card or US Citizenship, this offers best value.

Starting @ $199

Best Value

 - ITIN Application

Stock Investments

 - Home or Rental Property Investment

 - Home Country Tax Credits (India, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Russia, China)

We will help you file your Global Taxes in the US as well as in your Home Country. Get Tax Credits for taxes paid outside US. Protect your Wealth from double Taxation.

Starting @ $249


If you have a corporation, partnership or you are member of a multi-member LLC, we will maximize your Tax Deductions with our Business Tax Services.

 -  1099 consultants

 -  S Corporations

 -  LLC, Partnerships

 -  C Corporations

Prepare your business to be able to sponsor H1 and L1 candidates.

Starting @ $349


Text Box: Prices determined after initial consultation either in person or on the phone. Prices for each product and service are subject to change without any notice.

 We Support Paperless Processing.            Your Information is always Protected.                  We are Authorized to e-file your Tax Return.

About H1bVisaTaxes.com


H1bVisaTaxes.com owned and managed by K&M Accounting and Tax Services L.L.C., specializes in preparing tax returns for H1B and L1 Consultants, ITIN applications, OPT students working for IT Companies on Client Projects, File 1040 NR for non-resident aliens. Over the years we have developed considerable expertise in planning and preparing H1b Taxes and helping our clients to get maximum tax deductions and reduce their tax liability.


We have helped hundreds of H1B and other non-immigrant temporary workers secure itemized tax deductions for job related expenses under special conditions, determining US resident alien status for H1 Tax purposes for stay period not passing through the substantial presence test, prepare 1040 NR and ITIN Applications.


Our extensive research and planning enable us determine the best benefits to get H1 B visa holders with Resident and Non-Resident spouse and dependents as part of the tax planning process. Most Tax software providers, including the leading online tax software programs are ignorant of special concessions available to foreign workers under the IRS code, 1040 NR forms and ITIN Application. Cannot blame the most popular online software vendors since they are programmed to cater to the larger US population of tax payers.


You may be loosing several hundred or thousands of dollars as some of our clients have in the past by ignoring the knowledge of a tax expert that specializes in H1 taxes. Check our Frequently Asked Questions and Case Studies.



People behind H1bvisataxes.com and K&M Accounting and Tax Services


Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, K&M Accounting and Tax Services processes H1 B visa Taxes, ITIN Applications, L1 visa Taxes and OPT visa status taxes, 1040 NR forms for clients from across the US using remote online and e-file processes. Our consultants speak multiple languages, from across the globe. KM Accountant has received several accolades from its clients for its service and dedication. Check out why our H1 visa taxes clients are so dedicated and raving about our service: Customer Testimonials


The founder of the company, Krutika Chheda comes from a family of chartered accountants and is a fourth generation Accountant. Krutika provides direct leadership and initial consultation to KM Tax Service clients. Prior to starting KM Accountant, Krutika worked in multiple positions for 12 years in the US and India with public accounting, tax consulting, retail and education firms.

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H1bVisaTaxes.com is owned and managed by K&M Accounting and Tax Services L.L.C., headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

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The founder of H1bvisataxes, Krutika Chheda comes from a family of chartered accountants and is a fourth generation Accountant. Her work and writings are extensively covered by print and television media.

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